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About The Stock Sisters:

Jessica Scott and Samantha Scott are third generation Stock Brokers & Financial Advisors in a family that has been providing investment advice since 1967. Jessica and Samantha joined the securities business following their father, Ronald Scott, who is part of their team today. Jessica joined the investment industry and her father’s team in 2008. Samantha joined the investment industry in 2011 with another firm, later joining the family branch in 2013, located in Framingham, MA.

Both sisters are Registered Investment Advisor Reps and Independent Insurance Agents, holding their Series 6, 7, 63, and 66 Securities Registrations across many states from the east coast to the west coast. While their physical branch address is in central Massachusetts, they pride themselves on their ability to conduct business with clients both locally and nationally.


Financial Advisor, Jessica Scott

When Jessica started in the business at the young age of 21 she was faced with the largest market crash in recent history. She worked with her clients to help preserve their financial assets for the long term. That initial exposure to market volatility at the very start of her career provided her with the insight needed to prepare for similar future scenarios. The clients that she advised in 2008 are still with her today, speaking volumes about her ability to alleviate the stress and fear associated with volatile markets.

Financial Advisor, Samantha Scott

Samantha began her career in retail banking in 2009, where she quickly rose from a customer service role to one in management and financial advising for both Citizens Bank and CCO Investments. Her experience in management has provided her the ability to effectively navigate the needs and challenges of clients and colleagues alike. Working with CCO Investments on the retail securities platform gave her the experience needed to manage client assets and provide sound financial advice for years before transitioning to an independent Financial Advisor. Her decision to join her family’s branch with SagePoint Financial came largely from her desire to provide her clients with a much greater range of strategies to better meet her clients’ needs. As Independent Financial Advisors both Jessica and Samantha are able to recommend products and investments from a wide array of investment companies, rather than from a list provided by an employing corporation.

As young business women in an industry that is largely dominated by men, The Stock Sisters pride themselves on the connections and relationships they develop, grow, and continuously nurture with women investors. However, their clients are not just mothers, corporate business women and female entrepreneurs, many of their clients are men, couples and businesses including nonprofit organizations. Through social media engagement and dynamic in-person events, we will share our knowledge and experience to serve you.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to empower, inspire, and educate women financially. We are Women Helping Women Manage Their Wealth. Whether you want to develop the confidence and skills to manage your investments on your own, or want to hire us to do it for you, our collaboration will be powerful. Through highly individualized investment plans and open communication The Stock Sisters’ financial advising services will help you accomplish your financial goals.



  • What is an Independent Financial Advisor?

    As Independent Financial Advisors, we represent virtually countless investment products from hundreds of different companies We are not limited to investment vehicles offered by just one financial firm.  Independent Financial Advisors work directly for their clients, offering unbiased investment strategies and advice.

  • Who is SagePoint Financial?

    SagePoint Financial, Inc, is part of Advisor Group Inc., one of the largest independent Broker-Dealer networks in the industry. SagePoint Financial, Inc. is headquartered in Phoenix, AZ and is home to approximately 1,700 Independent Financial Advisors, Wealth Managers, and Stock Brokers just like us. Our local branch is located at 550 Cochituate Road, Suite 25, Framingham, MA 01701.

  • Do The Stock Sisters adhere to fiduciary standards?

    Yes, both Jessica and Samantha are series 66 licensed and are proud to abide by a fiduciary standard when providing investment advice to clients. Working with a fiduciary protects you, the investor, by virtually eliminating the conflict of interest that may exist when Financial Advisors earn commissions on certain investment products. Although we do offer commission based accounts when suitable, we always put our clients’ best interest first.

  • I have multiple accounts with different firms and advisors. What are my options?

    It’s quite common to have several different accounts set up. If you’ve ever changed jobs, you probably have an old 401(k). We will review your statements for you and prepare the appropriate transfer forms, if it is in your best interest to consolidate your investments and you decide we are the right financial partner.

  • Will I receive personalized and professional service?

    To ensure each client receives personalized and professional service, we offer standard periodic reviews with our clients. Clients will choose if they want to meet annually, quarterly or even more frequently. Each client will be given direct contact with a Financial Advisor. We personally take and return client phone calls and emails. We are committed to providing you with the best possible service and have ongoing communication systems in place to make sure we are always in touch. Although we are online and have technology that allows us to work remotely, our clients meet us in person most of the time. It’s our pleasure to meet with you face to face.

  • How do you keep up with the ever changing regulations in the financial industry?

    Our Broker-Dealer, SagePoint Financial, offers their Financial Advisors a variety of learning opportunities including regional and national educational conferences. These events allow us to practice and keep up with the latest compliance and regulatory procedures and operations. We participate in technology training and various networking events which enables us to keep pace with industry trends, best practices, policy changes and new products. Through active attendance and participation in these conferences, we stay up-to-date on all current industry matters. We are also required to undergo annual compliance training in various areas.

  • What is the minimum amount I need to invest to work with The Stock Sisters?

    $50,000 is the standard minimum to get started. We are happy to accommodate clients whose household investable assets reach this amount.

  • Do you only work with women clients?

    No. While we specialize in serving women, we also have men, non-profit organizations, and 401(k) plans as clients. Being in this industry for many years, we have discovered that there is a limited number of female Financial Advisors available to female clients and we are working hard to be a solution to that problem.

  • Do you offer fee-based financial advising services and wealth management?

    We offer fee-based financial planning when suitable and when requested. As Independent Financial Advisors, rest assured that the Stock Sisters’ financial advice is always comprehensive and unbiased.

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